Monday, 24 March 2014

How Do The Garage Door Repair Services Are Done?

The garage door is known as the largest movable part of any home. As the garage door operates in the exterior part of the house and it remains exposed in the extreme hot and extreme cold weather, so these need constant maintenance in order to function properly. There are a few garage door repair tips that the homeowners can follow in order to make sure that the door is functioning property and there is no requirement of any huge repair or replacement. Let’s have some more insight about these services.
  • Lubricating any noisy door properly: There are a few rules that you should follow while lubricating the garage doors. The silicone spray is the ideal choice and the lithium spray is strictly forbidden. It is important to lubricate the areas like hinges, stems, upper area of the chain rail, metal rollers with ball bearings, the lock, nubs and the arm bar.
  • Cleaning the track of the door properly: Never spray any lubricant to the garage door track. Instead of that, thoroughly clean the track by wiping the inside area of the track by using a damp cloth. After that, wipe off the track with a dry cloth. If you find any sticky component on the track during the garage doors repair, then use some lubricants.
  • Installing the weather seals: It is possible to save energy by installing the garage door weather seals. This thing also prevents the moisture to enter into the garage. It is necessary to apply the weather seal on the bottom part of the garage doors, on the frame and between the panels of the garage doors.
  • Resetting the opener of the garage door: The next step of the garage door repair service is to reset the garage door opener to prevent the problem while the door stops operating before reaching to the track. You can also do this by shutoff the power of the opener by unplugging it for a while and therefore you should turn on the power again.

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